UPS Express Shipping
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Young Marines BX shopping cart doesn't support Express shipping options.

When you check-out on the shopping cart you will be automatically charged standard UPS shipping fees. If you would like guaranteed delivery of 2 Day, 3 Day shipping you will need to purchase this option. This option adds to the cost of shipping does not replace it.
Please see the Outbound Shipping Map. The outbound map does not include Youth Military Spec uniforms and Condor Products.

Standard processing: Please allow 1-2 days for processing and another 2-6 for shipping time.  If you need Express shipping and Express processing please indicate this in the comment section by advising the date you need your items delivered by.

Please select:  You may need multiple depending on your weight. A guestamate $3-$4 per pound for 3 day and $4-$6 per pound for 2 day.

2 day $39.00
3 Day $30.00

These prices are based on average weight orders. We will notify you if additional charges apply. If your order is a bulk order these prices do not apply. Please call to get an accurate shipping price.


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UPS Express Shipping

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