Poster - History of Old Glory Poster
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All posters are printed on 80lb acid free paper with matte text with fade free ink and are all 11 3/4" x 36" (Standard frame size) frames can be found in most major retailers and framing stores. Each poster is rolled in a clear acid-free poly/plastic sleeve and shipped in a hard craft tube or box.

History of Old Glory Poster: Learn about one of America’s most enduring icons, Old Glory. The 10 American flags represented are; The Pine Tree Flag, Grand Union Flag, Revolutionary “Betsy Ross” Flag, Grand Star Flag, Bennington Flag, 34 Star Flag, 50 Star Flag and the Gadsden Flag. The educational time-line includes a description of each flag, when each state joined the union, important facts and dates, as well as 5 patriotic water color images.

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History of Old Glory Poster Timeline History of Old Glory Poster Detail

History of Old Glory Poster - Details:

  • Poster Size: 36" wide, 11-3/4" tall
  • Paper Type: 80lb Acid-Free Matte, Fade-Free Ink
  • Item #: PosterOldGlory

Poster - History of Old Glory Poster

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